Resource flows and sustainability in 21st Century cities

Hosted by Professor Pauline Deutz, Professor Andy Jonas, Professor Lewis Holloway, Dr Will Mayes (Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, University of Hull). 

With a growing global urban population, cities are key drivers of resource production and consumption. They are also the settings where new and more sustainable practices can help minimise the negative environmental and social impacts of existing patterns of natural resource use. This session will provide a range of perspectives on issues around sustainability and resource flows in urban settings. Dr Will Mayes will begin by exploring trends in consumption of key primary resources that underpin our modern societies and consider their extensive and often unseen environmental footprint. Professor Andy Jonas will then discuss sustainable mobility and evaluate examples of successes and failures of transport networks in a range of global city regions. Professor Lewis Holloway will consider sustainable diets and how we can feed the city of the 21st Century. The session will conclude with Professor Pauline Deutz discussing how the concept of the circular economy can help move societies towards patterns of more sustainable resource use.  


1 hour

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