Resilient buildings & climate change

Hosted by John Grant

The climate change emergency is a constant noise of concern, it seems rarely a day goes by without a report of some kind of extreme weather event occurring somewhere in the world.  In order to keep us sufficiently stable so we can continue to change in order to improve the situation we must make the key elements of our society (Food, Transport, Energy Productions and Buildings) more resilient to these possible futures.

The sustainable building challenge is enormous, this talk outlines the culmination of 25 years of research into building design. This presentation will outline an “autonomous house” (to be built in Scotland) which is structurally resilient to the predicted extremes in the weather while providing all the water, energy and food for the occupants and with a building lifespan of more than of 250 years all at a cost of construction comparable to current methods.

John Grant teaches sustainable planning, environmental impact assessment and wider environmental issues at Sheffield Hallam University.

This lecture has already taken place. You can view the recording here:



1 hour

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