Putting the ‘geo’ in geopolitics, and why it matters

Hosted by Dr Alasdair Pinkerton

Geopolitics is everywhere. Not only does it guide, shape and inform the relationships between states, diplomacy, and the work of supranational organisations, it infuses itself into our daily lives in countless subtle and less subtle ways – through films, TV shows, books, radio and magazines. Geopolitics – or more particularly, geopolitical analysis – has become a booming business and now countless geopolitical analysts and ‘think tanks’ offer their particular visions of the world and its operations. But where did all this come from? Who put the ‘geo’ in ‘geopolitics’ and what does geopolitics offer to our understandings of the past, the present and the future? In short: why does geopolitics matter? That’s what this session will be begin to explore.

Dr Alasdair Pinkerton is a Reader in Geopolitics at Royal Holloway University of London, where he teaches a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervises PhD students and undertakes research in contemporary and historical geopolitics. As well as studying global geopolitics trends and processes, he specialises in researching the world’s “no man’s lands” (a project that recently culminated in a large international project working with Google Arts and Culture) and the UK overseas territories.

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1 hour

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