How to save a city

Hosted by Professor Paul Chatterton

In this talk, Paul will outline some of the key challenges and solutions that are emerging in cities as a response to the triple emergencies – climate, social, nature.

Paul Chatterton is a writer, researcher and campaigner. He is Professor of Urban Futures in the School of Geography. He is currently Director of the University's Sustainable Cities Group which has launched the ground breaking MSc Sustainable Cities. Paul is also co-founder and resident of the award winning low impact housing co-operative Lilac. He has gone forward to help set up Leeds Commuity Homes to help promote community-led housing. His recent books include Low Impact Living (Routledge) (20% off with code DC361) and Unlocking Sustainable Cities with Pluto Press. (see book website @ He is also co-founder of the public charity 'Antipode' dedicated to research and scholarship in radical geography. See

You can view the powerpoint here


1 hour

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