Coastal landscape development

Hosted by Dr Chris Spencer

Coastal landscapes are very dynamic geomorphological systems that change over a range of scales of time and space and in response to changes in energy, sediment supply and geomorphological processes. This will be explored through a case study at Sand Bay, Somerset, a location with diverse coastal geomorphology including cliffs of varying character, narrow bays with gravel beaches, mudflats and saltmarshes and also sandy beaches and dunes. These landforms are all in an area approximately 3km2 and demonstrate how subtle changes in geomorphological character can lead to very different coastal landforms. Understanding the geomorphological development of coastlines is critical to the effective management of them especially with future sea level rise.

Dr Chris Spencer is a lecturer in Physical Geography at the UWE, Bristol. His previous research centres around reconstructing past changes on coastlines in recent geological periods, exploring changes of sea level and the impacts of storms and tsunamis.

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One hour

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