Coastal environments: understanding the impacts of sea-level rise and climate change

Hosted by Dr Katie Szkornik

The coastal zone is a highly dynamic and diverse environment. It contains a wide variety of geomorphic landforms and is influenced by numerous processes which operate over a range of temporal and spatial scales. Climate change and sea-level rise mean that many coastal environments will experience significant change over the next century, so our need to understand the coastal environment is now more critical than ever. Using a variety of case study examples, this talk explores some of the key processes driving coastal change (e.g. sea-level change, tides, waves) and examines how coastal environments are being impacted by rising sea levels and climate change.

Dr Katie Szkornik is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Keele University. Her previous research has focussed on reconstructing Holocene sea-level change using diatoms contained within salt marsh sediments. Katie has broad research interests in coastal environments and environmental change.

You can download the powerpoint presentataion here


1 hour

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