Careers spotlight: Sustainable energy

Hosted by Peter Dudfield

The careers spotlight series aims to introduce GCSE and A level students to a range of careers which use geographical knowledge and skills. These talks will be streamed live and would be structured roughly as follows:

  • Introduction to my career (10 minutes)
  • How I’ve used geographical knowledge and skills to get where I am (10 minutes)
  • Q&A with students (10 minutes)

This time we will be talking to Peter Dudfield, who is currently working for Open Climate Fix which is a not-for-profit to help reduce climate change using computers. One of the major projects is to produce solar generation forecasts for the UK, for National Grid. In the past, Peter has worked in wind power (Siemens) and with large scale battery storage systems (Habitat Energy). He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Fluid Dynamics and worked closely with the Earth Science department, as well as an A level in Geology.

This talk has already taken place. You can view the recording here:


30 minutes

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