What do you know about the single story? Test your knowledge on stereotypes, misconceptions and going beyond the single story with this 14-question GCSE quiz.

If you haven't already done it, work through the unit on going beyond the single story on the PowerPoint. Or look at it again to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge!

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Rank Name Score
1st AAA 28
2nd S.Z 28
3rd S.S 28
4th abD 28
5th VL- 28
6th FUC 27
7th SSA 26
8th DCH 26
9th AJW 26
10th HAI 24

QUIZZES // Why go beyond the single story?

Q1. What is an LIC?

Less informed country

Low income country

Low income continent

Less informed continent

Q2. Which country is Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche from?





Q3. What is the single story?

A fairy tale about a place

A rich exploration of the story of a place

Only having one view of a place

A way of remembering a place

Q4. Where does Adiche think the single story of Africa ultimately comes from?

Western literature

People visiting on holiday

Documentaries on TV

News articles

Q5. Adiche says, ‘Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize’. What is meant by ‘malign’?



Make it look good

Make it look bad

Q6. What is a stereotype?

An opinion which is incorrect

A view that is oversimplified

A good way to make things easier

A misconception

Q7. What is a misconception?

An opinion which is incorrect

A view that is oversimplified

A good way to make things easier

A stereotype

Q8. Where is Uganda?

North Africa

East Africa

South Africa

West Africa

Q9. Why might a charity leaflet only tell a single story of a place?

It didn’t have enough time for research

Some places only have one story

It wants a strong, sad story to get donations

There was limited space on the leaflet

Q10. Why is telling a single story a problem?

It is boring

It promotes misconceptions and stereotypes

It shows that all parts of a country are the same

It is easier to do

Q11. What does Dollar Street from Gapminder show?

Who earns the most money in the world

How people with different amounts of money live

How people in one country have the same way of life

The way everybody in one place lives

Q12. How can we go beyond the single story of a place?

Find one more story so we have two

Look at how it compares to other places

Explore the richness and complexity of the place

Learn the single story really well

Q13. Do single stories affect HICs as well as LICs?





Q14. What does Adichie think we will regain when we realize that there is never a single story about any place?






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