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QUIZZES // What does a geographer do?

Q1. If we do an internet search for 'geographers', what kinds of images do we often see?

A set of colouring pencils

People looking at globes

Boots and extreme gear, signalling exploration, wildernesses unspoilt by humans, maps and geography fieldwork

Geography teachers

Q2. What sorts of geography careers will this lecture cover?

Careers that can be done outside

Careers that can be done from home or anywhere in the world, careers that can make a difference, don't need a degree and make use of transferrable skills

Careers that involve maps

Careers that need a geography degree

Q3. What does the Disney film 'Zootopia' have to do with careers in geography?

Disney wanted the setting to look fantastic but believable, and so employed people who could build this world using GIS technology

Idris Elba, who voices Chief Bogo, has a degree in geography

The plot revolves around the migration from rural Bunnyburrow to urban Zootopia and discusses the push and pull factors involved in the migration

A map of Zootopia exists that formed the blueprint for a new town in the USA

Q4. What did free Wifi along the tube network allow Transport for London to do?

It allowed TfL to send messages to passengers as they were moving around the network

It allowed passengers to stream films onto their devices, making the passenger experience better

It allowed TfL to issue mobile tickets for passengers to scan on their phones

It allowed them to map how people were moving around the network so they could respond to people's behaviour

Q5. How did the Arizona state government tackle its opioid drug problem?

They monitored the water system to track where and when people were excreting drugs when they went to the toilet

They mapped drug transactions through WiFi

They used streetmap, so police could patrol the streets to find out where drug deals were taking place

They created a choropleth map to show the numbers of people visiting opioid support clinics, so that they could increase resources where they were needed

Q6. How did Comic Relief use GIS to encourage people to donate more?

They mapped where different donations were coming from to understand the communities who were giving, so that they could target their messaging

They mapped all of the Comic Relief projects so that people could see what was being funded close to home

They used data of previous donation habits to put more collectors on streets where people were more likely to donate

They added a map layer showing average income and then asked people in the most affluent areas to donate

Q7. How was GIS used to make lives better for people living in a refugee camp in Jordan?

GIS was used to track the number of refugees and how they moved around the camp

GIS was used to map the different features of the camp

GIS was used to take aerial photographs of the camp to give a picture of what was going on from the air

Geographers trained people in the camp to technologically map the services that were used

Q8. Where can you find out more about careers using geography?

Careers Spotlights on the GEO website

Careers with GIS on the ESRI website

The Royal Geographical Society's webpage 'Why you should study geography'

All of the above

Q9. What is a geomentor?

A friend who you study geography with

A GIS computer program

A piece of equipment used by professional geographers

A professional geographer, working in the field of GIS, who talks about their work to students

Q10. What has flying drones got to do with being a professional geographer?

Drones can capture data for GIS mapping from a different perspective

It doesn't, flying drones is a hobby

Flying drones can interfere with aeroplanes, meaning that people can't travel

Flying drones can help to find missing people or escaped criminals by tracking them from the air


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