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QUIZZES // The Power of Maps

Q1. Who came up with the first maps that communicated thematic geographical ideas and patterns?


James Cheshire

Alexander von Humboldt

People from the Bronze age

Q2. How did the women's suffrage movement in the USA use maps to demonstrate the power of giving women the vote?

The maps showed the best states in which to demonstrate for women's suffrage

The maps showed which states had voted for suffrage and still 'survived', encouraging neighbouring states to do the same

The maps showed the percentage of women in each state, so the suffrage movement could target those with higher proportions of women

The maps showed how large the USA was and therefore how powerful it would be to give women the vote

Q3. Why would you stick a QR code on an ant?

It allows cartographers to map the lifecycle and role of ants so they can better understand how colonies work

You can't as they are too small

You wouldn't as it would be a waste of time

To see whether some of the ants were stronger than others

Q4. How can apps such as the OS and Strava be used to create maps?

They use maps to show you your route

You can observe landmarks as you travel and suggest changes to the existing maps

You can use these maps to show how fast you run a particular stretch of road

Data can be collected by the app and used to map human behaviour and pathways

Q5. What mapping mistake did the US military make in Afghanistan?

They issued their army with phones that contained apps such as Strava, and this gave away their position on maps

They used maps from the wrong part of Afghanistan to plan their strategy

They didn't use maps at all

All of the place names on the map were written in Pashto (the official language of Afghanistan) so the US military couldn't understand them

Q6. Why was the initial mapping of Ukrainian refugees problematic?

It showed the flow of Ukrainian refugees in a similar way to how invaders are portrayed, and only used eight arrows to represent nearly 1 million people

Because so many people were migrating at the same time, it was difficult to collect accurate data to map

Because all mapping at the time was secret so that the position of the Ukrainian population was not given away to the Russian forces

Because it wasn't shown as a flow map

Q7. How does the mapping of classified US data in Cambodia help people living in the country today?

It shows the quality of life for people living in Cambodia

It shows previously unmapped regions of the country

It showed the strategy of the Khmer Rouge who ruled Cambodia between 1976 and 1979

It shows where the unexploded bombs are so that they can be disposed of without causing harm to local people

Q8. What sort of information can a 'one ocean' map show effectively?

It can show the plate boundaries clearly

It can show how interconnected the oceans are and therefore how events in one part of the ocean can influence other areas

It shows the Pacific Ocean, which is the largest ocean

It is a projection which distorts the size of the Oceans so they are much larger than the continents

Q9. How do the climate stripe maps show what is happening around the world?

The stripes show that Earth is warming

The stripes are laid on top of the map to show how much rainfall there is

The maps show that Earth is cooling

The maps can identify isolated heatwaves and put them into context

Q10. Why does James say at the end of his lecture that it should have been called 'The power of geographers'?

Because all maps need geographers to interpret and use them effectively

Because geographers teach the best subject

Because geographers make maps

Because any aspect of geography can be illustrated with a map


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