Try this 10-question GCSE quiz to see how much you know about river management and features put in place to help manage the risk of floods.

If you haven't already done them, work through the ‘River landforms’ and ‘River management’ units, which use the River Severn as a case study, to find out more. Or look at them again to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge about river management!

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1st POG 20
2nd ELW 20
3rd BEX 20
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5th aeg 20
6th SPB 20
7th TJS 20
8th EMP 20
9th E.C 20
10th HES 20

QUIZZES // River management

Q1. Which of the following is an example of a hard engineering strategy?

Blocking up field drains

Felling trees across small tributaries

Planting trees

Constructing embankments

Q2. Which of the following is an example of a soft engineering strategy?

Constructing flood walls

Straightening the river channel

Land use zoning

Widening the river channel

Q3. Which of the following hard engineering strategies increases the capacity of a river channel?

Dredging the river channel

Land use zoning

Straightening the river channel

Planting trees

Q4. Which of the following management strategies is the odd one out?

Dredging the river channel

Straightening the river channel

Building flood walls

Planting trees

Q5. What term does the Environment Agency use to describe soft engineering strategies?

Natural Flood Management

Flood preparedness



Q6. Which of the following management strategies encourages water to flow more quickly?

Tree planting

Straightening the river channel

Land use zoning

Constructing embankments

Q7. How effective is Natural Flood Management at reducing the risk of flooding?

Not at all

Between 5% and 10%

Between 5% and 25%

Between 25% and 50%

Q8. What is the principle of land use zoning?

All land in a town/city must be protected from flooding

It is impossible to prevent floods, so why bother?

The cheapest methods of flood protection are best

Land that will not be damaged by flood water should be allowed to flood

Q9. Which of the following land uses could be used to safely store flood water according to the principles of land use zoning?



Car parks


Q10. Why is it a good idea to store water in the upper catchment using soft engineering such as planting trees or restoring an artificial river channel to a more natural course?

Because water should be stored and then released slowly to reduce the risk of flooding

Because water should be encouraged to move down the river as quickly as possible

Because it is impossible to prevent flooding, so we may as well make the environment look nicer

Because it’s the cheapest way to reduce the risk of flooding


You scored this time. The more correct answers you give, and the fewer incorrect answers you guess, the better your score.

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