Test your knowledge of overseas aid with this 15-question GCSE quiz.

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QUIZZES // Overseas aid – too much or never enough?

Q1. Which of these statements is NOT true?

Aid means giving help

Aid only benefits the recipient, not the donor

Aid can take the form of money, goods, technology and skills

Aid can come from individuals, organisations or governments

Q2. How much money did Haiti receive in aid following the 2010 earthquake?

US$800 million

US$1 billion

US$1.5 billion

US$2.8 billion

Q3. How much does the UN suggest HICs should spend on overseas aid?

0.7% of GNI

1% of GNI

$1 billion a year

10% of GNI

Q4. Which of these large overseas aid donor countries met the UN target in 2015?





Q5. What is bilateral aid?

Aid from one government to an organization such as the World Bank

Aid from charities

Aid from the government of one country to another

Aid given to tackle an emergency situation

Q6. Who created Yegna – an Ethiopian girl band?

The Daily Mail

Girl Effect

The UK government

The Ethiopian government

Q7. What is a HIPC?

A high-income political country

A high interest poor country

A heavily indebted poor country

A highly involved political country

Q8. When did the G7 countries agree to drop the debts of the HIPCs (if they met certain conditions)?





Q9. What are reparations?

Compensation for damage or wrong-doing

Paying for repairs to infrastructure after a disaster

Aid from a charity

Multilateral aid

Q10. Why did 14 charities in the UK form the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC)?

Charities weren’t doing a good job

They wanted to raise money for long-term aid

They are better than the other charities

They wanted to collaborate to raise funds quickly in an emergency

Q11. What does GNI stand for?

Gross National Interest

Gross National Income

Great National Interest

Great National Income

Q12. What % of UK aid was spent on emergency aid in 2015?





Q13. Which country was once Haiti’s colonial ruler and charged a fee to recognize its independence, meaning it is now thought by some to owe Haiti reparations?





Q14. When did an inquiry start into whether the UK government spends its foreign aid money effectively?





Q15. Why do some people think NGOs prefer to work on ‘quick fix’ short-term aid projects rather than long term aid?

They don’t have enough money

They want quick results to show their donors

They don’t have enough time

They are only equipped to tackle short-term projects


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