Try this 14-question GCSE quiz to see how much you know about megacities, urbanisation, rebranding and representation.

If you haven't already done it, work through the Shenzhen case study on the PowerPoint to find out more about urban processes. Or look at it again to help fill in any gaps in your knowledge!


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QUIZZES // Megacities

Q1. What is the minimum number of people in a megacity?

5 million

10 million

15 million

20 million

Q2. Which of these would you consider to be the best definition of a city?

A small human settlement

A small human settlement with additional services

Two or more small human settlements combined together

A large human settlement

Q3. Which continent is likely to gain the most megacities by 2030, do you think?





Q4. Which of these would you consider to be a significant opportunity of city living?

High levels of traffic

High levels of employment

High levels of diverse employment

High levels of poverty

Q5. Which of these is the best definition of the manufacturing sector?

Making one item from composite parts

Collecting raw materials from source

Providing goods or services to others

Developing technology-rich solutions to problems

Q6. Which of these is the best definition of a sense of place?

What the area looks like in a book or on the television

How people have felt when they visited the area in the past

How people feel when others talk about an area

The perception of an area, informed by past experiences and the interactions as well as other representations

Q7. Which of these is the definition of a cityscape?

What the city sounds like when you are there

The layout of the streets in a city

The design and construction of buildings, streets and features in a city

The design of buildings in a city

Q8. Which of these might be an environmental challenge that cities might face?

Increasing poverty

Increasing air pollution and water pollution

Increasing migration

Increasing disposable income

Q9. What would be the best definition of the multiplier effect?

The increase in people living in cities due to rising migration

The increase in crop production due to improved farming methods in the area

The increase in air pollution due to increasing numbers of factories in the area

The effect of overall economic and employment growth as one industry expands

Q10. Which of these is the term for increasing the amount of nature in a city?

Urban greening

Urban planting

Urban wilding

Urban nature

Q11. Which of these can be a contributor to the multiplier effect?


Hazard risk


Urban greening

Q12. Which is the best term for improving the physical structure and appearance of a place to increase economic output?





Q13. Which of these is a term for a city that makes good use of technology to improve residents’ quality of life?

Mega City

Smart City

Tech City

Capacity City

Q14. Which of these is the biggest challenge the world’s cities need to overcome?

Increasing inequality

Increasing income

Increasing employment diversity

Increasing life expectancy


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