Test your knowledge of hedgerows and a small-scale UK ecosystem with this 15-question GCSE quiz.

If you haven't already done it, work through the hedgerows and small-scale UK ecosystem web enquiry on the PowerPoint. Or do it again to help fill any gaps in what you know!

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QUIZZES // Hedgerows – a small-scale UK ecosystem

Q1. How many trees are there estimated to be in the UK’s ‘Long Forest’ ecosystem?





Q2. There are over 88,000km of hedgerows in Wales, which is:

Enough to stretch twice around the world

Enough to stretch from Cardiff to Cairo

As long as the Great Wall of China

The same length as the M4 motorway

Q3. How much of its hedgerows has Wales lost since the end of the Second World War?





Q4. Which one of these is a reason why hedges were cleared from fields after the war?

Tractors became smaller but more powerful

Hedgerows didn’t have any gateways for machinery to get into fields

Farmers didn’t keep livestock (e.g. sheep) anymore; they only grew crops

Larger fields meant more crops could be grown

Q5. Which of these is a way of conserving hedges?

Clearing out birds’ nests

Preventing erosion

Learning the skill of hedge laying

Never cutting hedges

Q6. A lot of hedges in the UK were planted in which century, when the Enclosure Acts encouraged landowners to divide up open fields with fences and hedges?

11th century

14th century

18th century

20th century

Q7. Which one of these animals uses hedgerows to help them navigate as they fly around the UK’s countryside?

Golden eagles




Q8. Hedgerows are a vital habitat, along with woodlands, for which of these UK mammals?


Water voles

Brown rats

Red deer

Q9. How many species of insect can use one oak tree as a food source?





Q10. Which one of these is a way in which hedgerows are very useful to farmers?

Reducing soil nutrients

As biofuel

Quick to put up whenever animals need to be kept apart

Reducing soil erosion

Q11. Hedge management is best avoided during the bird nesting season, which is when?

January to November

March to April

March to August

November to January

Q12. Which of these hedge plants would be best for a farmer wanting to keep livestock in fields?

Bamboo and bracken

Oak and ash

Hawthorn and blackthorn

Nettles and field maples

Q13. Which of these is the best definition for the term ecosystem?

The natural home of an animal or plant

A community of living things and their physical environment

The flow of nutrients through an ecosystem

The different ways that ecosystems give humans something we need

Q14. Which one of these is most likely to be a risk factor when surveying a hedgerow?

Risk of chemical spills

Risk of fire

Risk of plant allergies

Risk of injury from incorrect lifting techniques

Q15. Which of these countries of the United Kingdom began the Long Forest Project?




Northern Ireland


You scored this time. The more correct answers you give, and the fewer incorrect answers you guess, the better your score.

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